Monday, 23 November 2015



Before i begin let me recount to you a tale about my self, there was a young lady i meet in school her name is Linda at first she was a decent sweet adoring young lady who i want to be around with, i cherished her and regarded her as a sister i educated her things concerning my self and she let me know she was from a well off crew.

one night she went to my room in school crying i felt terrible and i attempted to figure out what the issue was she let me know that her landlord asked her to go out of her house i was irate attempting to discover the primary motivation behind why she said that so she said she was staying with two different young ladies and the landowner didn't need 3 persons to stay in a room . she began imploring me to stay two or three days in my home before she secures a convenience in view of the way she was i needed her to quit crying i approached her to move with me for the few days i never new that was the beginning of my issues. she began staying with me couple of days got to be weeks, months she began staying with me permanently convey a lot of folks to my space to dis-virgin my bed lol well i was irate yet could advise her or express it later on i discovered that she drinks and smokes imagine the way individuals will take a gander at me saying "show me your friend and i will tell you who you are" So one day she voyaged i was extremely glad to pick up that flexibility again in my home that protection you can imagine.
One day her ex flat mate went to my home to search for her so the however rung a bell to ask them what truly happened between her and the landowner then they let me know that the landlady (the landlords wife)caught her on a seat in the section outside when a fellow was engaging in sexual relations with her outside that night Jesus Christ i yelled them i recalled every one of the characters she exhibited in my place before she voyaged i was shocked somebody i called my companion having intercourse with a gentleman outside and she said it wasn't the first run through well imagine her terrible character, imagine the disfavor gee i cannot even stand her i called her immediately to come and pick her remaining stuff in my house.... Characters an essential thing in everyone's life, there are a few individuals you cannot change notwithstanding when you made a decent attempt to change them. That is why i brought adjoin this subject:


character is every one of the qualities and components that makes a man gathering of individuals and spots not the same as others (oxford college lexicon).

characters could be great or terrible regardless of who you are on earth, you should gangs one of these characters or both with one ruling the other.

individuals go into connections seeing the nearby characters of their accomplices with the point of evolving them. Illustration tolerating to go out with a medication someone who is addicted, with the point of transforming him or her is that conceivable?

yes!!! It is...(smiles) you can really remove a terrible character in a man and supplant it with a decent character. in doing this, there are four noteworthy things you must apply.

the force of showing your accomplice

the force of pupil in his or her part (forbearance)

the force of redundancy ( as it is said reiteration brings flawlessness)

the force of supplication to God (every negative thing bow to petition to God, it is vital)