Friday, 20 November 2015

                                    FEATURES STORY 


Success is achievable and attainable for those who can see and catch it. Truly, there is no person who comes into the world fully equipped for success.One of the most common mistake and one of the costliest is thinking that success is in a place. Get it right from the onset that success is due to our standing up to challenges.

Right where you are,success sourrounds you like a wind. Each seconds, minutes, hours and day is loaded with success. Right where you are if people are succeeding you need to ask yourself whether there are principles of success that people have discovered and are making use of that you have failed to see and use. There are difference between successful people and unsuccessful people. successful people are motivated by a dream that is bigger than them; they have something that constantly keeps them going.Their dream seems beyond their reach, and yet they believe that if they work hard enough,they would someday hold the reality of that dream in their hands. On the contrary,unsuccessful people are only motivated by today. They dont see beyond today. They are not even taking into consideration what tomorrow might bring to them.

The picture of your life is before you; you must paint it the way you like.You can realize anything you desire. Start dreaming it, whatever you do not see coming will never come. Mental creation comes before physical manifestation.

I challenge you today to open your eyes and mind to locate possibilities surrounding you like air. Don't walk around with your head buried in your own small world. learn to observe people, situations and events. A lot goes on around you every day. There is a lesson to learn in everything happening around if you have a strong desire and will to succeed. Do everything legitimately and upright to achieve your goal and actualize your dream success.