Thursday, 19 November 2015

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                                              The Necessity of a shift

To shift means to move somebody or something to a different position, or be moved to a different position. The world is fast changing, massive development trends are fast taking over all fabrics of human existence and human development, and as such, we should not be left behind. Some may ask why we need change, others may as well want to know whether this change is going to be possible with the current realities on ground which has been trying to make us see change as an impossibility. But the good news here is that change is very much possible to attain and it is at our grasp.
            It's no longer news that Nigerians are in need of good leaders, people who will be able to stand up to the responsibility of properly managing the numerous resources in our land for development and for better living. Youth unemployment is on the increase and insecurity is turning into a normal phenomenon. Corruption has unfortunately been seen as part of the system even to the extent of defying all attempts to fight it to a standstill. But in all this, there is still hope for the average man in Nigeria, we can rise above our challenges and still effect that change we crave to see in our generation. For us to make this shift as a country, we need to change our mindset about our future. We need to be able to visuallize our collective dreams of a better progressive nation. We need to develop the mind set of responsibility to one another, to the society and to the governance. We also need to understand that leadership is not just for politicians, but of collective effort of everybody including you and me 
         We need to develop the consciousness of how our affairs are being taken care of by our leaders. We need to be able to stand up and resist every attempt to rubbish our effort for a better nation. Nigeria is for all of us and the earlier we realize that the better for us. We need to revolutionise our min on development and advancement. Corruption cannot stop us and we are not afriad to fight it to a standstill. 
         This is a wake up call for all Nigerian youths and for all progressive thinking Nigerian. It is time for us to make this shift in our history so as to pave the way for a more vision driven leadership. This will make our future better and will create that environment where development and credibility thrives. It begins with you and me and it begins now.