Wednesday, 18 November 2015


           Friendship After Relationship

Ending a relationship is especially painful when you have invested a lot of time and emotional energy. Naturally the thought of never seeing or speaking to your loved one again is scary. That's why so many couples want to remain friends, and that's why so many women believe a platonic relationship is better than losing someone entirely. 
Staying friends with your ex depends on the nature of the relationship. Did you start as pals or got committed to each other shortly after meeting? how long did the relationship last? was the breakup mutual or was one party blindsided? Did betrayal occur? Did you have children?
Answering the questions above will give a clearer sense of whether or not post relationship friendship is realistic. Are you still unsure? then ask yourself the following question before agreeing to turn your ex into your friend.
  1. What will the nature of your friend be? 
  2. Can u truly move on? 
The best thing to do is to build whatever relationship you are in on a foundation base on Agape love. In  this kind of relationship, if at all a breakup occurs, it will be easier to move on as you would invite God who is a part of the relationship to take charge and give grace.
The issues of remaining friends with your ex after a relationship solely lies in your hands. No matter the advice you seek, it is what you want for yourself that matters. So what decision are you making?