Thursday, 19 November 2015

                    MATTERS OF THE HEART


Men often make a number of relationship mistakes during the crucial phase, though most men are well-meaning in their relationships.
Some of this mistakes include:
  • Doing so much at the beginning to get your lady and afterwards takes another turn
  • Trying too hard: this puts some women off
  • Giving the women too much power
  • Trying to invoke too much of control
  • Believing that the good you do today will last till tomorrow
  • Being over domineering/possessive/jealous
  • Allowing family members or friends to dictate what happens in the relationship
  • Lack of respect for a lady
  • Over respect for her may be annoying
  • Choosing a woman based on appearance alone
  • Placing other people or things before her... sometimes cars
  • Yielding to temptation from other women
  • Not giving her compliment
  • Talking or complaining so much abut your EX