Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Join A Queue Leading Nowhere If You Don’t Agree With My Thoughts, Ali Baba Tells Haters

Pioneer stand-up comedian, Ali Baba has continued to lash on the Amber Rose issue.
After addressing the Amber Rose/Mr. Ibu incident Ali Baba is back again.
Apparently some people did not agree with his comments concerning Amber Rose.
Early this morning Ali Baba had a word or two for people who have something against his opinions.
About my post yesterday, I have no reservations for speaking my mind. I had to spend some time yesterday to go through the pages of some people who made comments on my post. And Its however amazing that some of the people who saw everything wrong with a guy sagging see nothing wrong with a indecency. Some just wanted to comment. Some had been praying for a day to hide me” he wrote.
But for me, I am here on Instagram and once I can’t use this platform to say it as I feel or as I see it, I will shut it down. But for now, those that don’t agree with my thoughts, can join a queue leading nowhere” he further wrote on Instagram.