Friday, 20 November 2015

                                           HEALTH KONA


Red meat basically gotten from beef(cattle), pork(pig),and mutton(sheep) has been reported to contain a chemical that damage the heart.A recentstudy in the journal of nature Medicine showed that carnitine in red meat is broken down by bacteria's in the gut( digestive tract). There is a resultant increase in a chemical called TMAO which is strongly linked with the build-up of fatty deposits(cholesterol)in blood vessels, which can lead to heart related diseases and death.
It may come as a surprise to know that red meat isn't a reference to the colour of the meat, but is based on the concentration of myoglobin in the meat that gives the meat it darker appearance.Although red meat is an essential source of muscle building protein and lipoic acid(a powerful antioxidant),studies have shown that it increases the risk of heart diseases and some cancers.
However, red meat can still be eaten as a source of balance diet but healthier cooking methods such as grilling should be employed and the consumption be kept at low to moderate levels.