Thursday, 19 November 2015

                    THE SECRET OF SUCCESS

The journey of a thousand miles they say begins with a step. As individuals our life journey begins from the day we were ejected from the uterus by our mothers and it continues until the day we are predestined to vacate the planet earth. It is sacrosanct to note the fact that in the journey of life there will be be ups and downs, there are moments of melancholy and moments of happiness, there are moments of failure and moments of success. Our activities in life can be likened to zero-some game theory where there is always a winner and a loser but for us to win and be successful in this extremely competitive world we should understand that glory is not in never falling but rising up each time you fall and the person who fails is not the one who falls down but the one who falls down and refuse to rise up again. Ultimately, i would like to urge you all to never give up in your quest to become successful in the journey of life by believing in the proverb that says: "the secret of success is to scratch and keep on scratching"